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  • danielperaza


    Hi there!, I have used WordPress before but I have not been interested in learning how to develop custom extensions until now. So I’m looking for some info that helps me to get on my way to develop my own extensions and plugins.

    Since WordPress is a powerful yet simple platform to manage content (most blogging systems provide some CMS capabilities that often meets some of the requirements of a client), I think it would be nice to learn how to use this platform as a starting point to some of my projects, which often doesn’t need to bother on complicated CMS features.

    Please, if there is any experienced WP developer here, point me to some URLs or suggest me any book title I could search.


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  • mrthrust


    The book ive been working with the last few months is:

    “WordPress Plugin Developemnt” – beginners Guide by Vladimir Prelovac
    pick that up from Amazon £15 to 20 bux…

    some websites out there, would be:

    when i first started to develop for wordpress, the best resource would be using the wordpress doc files, along with downloading and reading through other plugins which are out there,

    I find this the best way, not only for helpful tips, but for standasdization, and localisation methods, so im writing the code that way others can follow it and see from a glance whats happening etc..

    hope that helps a bit,



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