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  • I too would like a manual on how to set up Albums and Galleries properly.

    I have been messing around with the various options, trying to display my gallery in a way that is even REMOTELY similar to your demo page. All I get, though, is a tiny slideshow in the top, left corner of my screen, on every page.

    A manual would be great, so that I could see what each option on each page means (I guessed at ones I didn’t understand) and find my problem.

    Understanding that a manual is probably not available, can you offer any help? to see the mess

    you guys just do this:
    1. make a page and name it “XYZ” and click publish.
    2.go to nextgengallay > add gallary/images > then upload some images. and then choose a gallary from drop down list.
    3. and click ‘upload images’
    4. go to page “XYZ” and you will see a icon called ‘add nextgen gallary’. you can choose you wish from appeared window.
    5. publish it and you are done. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Thank you for your help, but I am wanting more information than that. I can already do what you have suggested.

    I would like to make full use of the options and to be able to understand what everything means within the plug-in.

    I’d also like to see a manual. Using an application that claims that an album is hierarchically up-level from a gallery obviously cannot be too intuitive. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still cannot figure out how to change lightbox style, for heaven’s sake! The default style is ugly and is nothing like the demo site shows.

    NGG might be a powerful and versatile tool, I won’t argue, but I cannot make use of all this if I have no idea what half of the settings do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    There’s a ton of Nextgen stuff out there, just google at and you’ll find what you need, in general terms (manuals, tutorials, etc.) or detailed items. Maybe you can’t find an A to Z manual, but you can find what isn’t intuitive looking at the options by yourself, or just google the problem/error.
    Also you can see the official pages at

    @tizz, thank you, I have been Googling and YouTubing this plug-in, but I’m starting to think it is unable to do what I want.

    I am after sub galleries. So I can have a page called Photos and when you go to that page, it shows several albums, or sub galleries.

    One photo for each gallery. Then when you click that photo, it will then go to the thumbnail page of all photos in that gallery.

    Hope this makes sense, and if anyone knows of a way, I’d be extremely grateful.

    @ bluff03: I believe you are looking for something like this?

    @jaaaarne: true, that is still confusing me a lot! A Gallery has subalbums, not the other way around …

    I don’t want make spam, only understand better, so do you mean like this?

    @edit: I hadn’t seen before the answer of dreamingof8a, I was writing

    @jaaaarne and dreamingof8a

    I don’t think the terms Album and Gallery are confused. I had another gallery plugin before and also that one used the same words in that sense as well. Maybe it’s because you’re English-speaking people, and Nextgen original author isn’t.
    “Album” is a latin word that means a collection of objects organized into a set (a whole). So, it’s true that a photo album is a collection of photographs too, but generally it’s a volume (in the real world), a book, and you have to imagine the galleries such as the chapters of this volume.
    Album is a collection of galleries, gallery is a collection of photos.


    I’m not an English speaking person, but while I agree with you on what an album is, I cannot agree on gallery.

    In order to understand the logic we should first understand what is an album and what is a gallery. And album is easy. Probably, everybody owns a photoalbum, which holds family photos and other such stuff. Totally agree with you on album being a collection of objects (in our case, pictures).

    Now gallery. When an average person hears the word “gallery”, the first thing that comes to their mind is an art gallery. As in, a room or a building for exhibiting pieces of art.

    So. Books will fit into buildings. Buildings cannot fit into books. ๐Ÿ™‚ Therefore, among these three types of objects gallery is the biggest and the most general and should be considered top-level: gallery holds albums/volumes, which, in their turn, hold objects. This is logical (and supported by dictionaries).

    However, I cannot decipher the logic behind galleries being chapters, as you say. I don’t understand what you (or the plugin developer) see in your mind’s eye, when you hear the word “gallery”. Does the word mean something else entirely in your language?

    Well, also in my language in the real world a gallery is above all an art gallery (and also a road tunnel…;)).
    So, for extension, it’s used for identify the space, tent, room or building, that contains the gallery objects too.
    But I think, and I could be wrong, it’s not a building or a room first (in fact, you say “showroom”), but first it’s a collection of photos (or paintings…), the single objects themselves put in a “row”, in one or more spaces.
    It may be that the confusion around the word “gallery” is due to the fact that in the web has a meaning for all we intend about photographs, maybe it’s abused.
    Everyone on the web use the word gallery, for three or ten thousand photos, for pages of photos or for a simple list of photos.
    Mind you, I’m not saying that I’m right, this it’s just a speculation, and I understand very well your doubts about.


    Thank you very much for your links, this is exactly what I’m after.

    Now to change the CSS to suit my site. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Very happy person now. xx

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