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    Sorry to ask, but where can I find $_SERVER[‘CC_NGINX_FASTCGI_CACHE_PATH’] ?

    Should I add this in some .php files manually? Could you please give an example? Thank you!


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  • draven666


    This answer interest me too, because without this the plugin does not seem to work in my environment…

    Plugin Contributor Cacholong


    Hello @ateliershen and @draven666,

    The requirements in the documentation weren’t properly defined. Therefor it was obviously unclear how this should be setup. The additional requirement is a Nginx server with fastcgi_cache enabled. In the Nginx configuration you should pass the CC_NGINX_FASTCGI_CACHE_PATH parameter to PHP with the proper path to the cache. In the tab installation you can find a link to the Nginx documentation where this functionality is described.

    Keep in mind that the plugin in itself doesn’t provide any caching functionality. It only provides a way of clearing the fast-cgi and or pagespeed cache generated by an Nginx server as we have setup for our customers.

    Kind regards,

    Durk Hellinga



    Thank you @cacholong,
    I have successfully configured the plugin and now it works 🙂

    Let me share my process if anyone is not familiar with how to pass parameter to php from nginx:

    1. nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/{your_conf_file}

    2. Find location ~ \.php$ block, and add fastcgi_param CC_NGINX_FASTCGI_CACHE_PATH /your/fastcgi/cache/path; inside this block, remember to replace /your/fastcgi/cache/path with your path.

    3. Save and exit. run nginx -t to test if the conf is correct.

    4. service nginx reload . Now navigate to your WordPress, the cache should be purgeable.

    Atelier Shen




    I use redis cache and this redis cache plugin:

    and also I am using Nginx helper to handle purge cache:

    But I found “purge cache” does not work automatically, so two question here:

    1. does it work with the plugin of wp-redis
    2. how to setup in multisite please?



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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