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  • Before 3.5, I went to the “Writing” settings and changed there. Now, it isn’t there and the box is really small. Is there any other way?

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  • Same problem, but my box is extremely large. Any help appreciated.

    Supposedly, you can drag the lower right corner of the editor box, then save, and your size will be permanently re-adjusted. Some say it only works in “text” mode, some say it works in either “text”, or “visual” mode. In my case, neither works.

    Good luck.


    It doesn’t work for me either.

    Same issue here – the editor is way too long and whichever way I try to adjust it and save (both Text + Visual) it reverts back to the enlarged box – does anyone have any answer yet?


    Not sure why, but it seems to have fixed itself. I decreased the size of the box by dragging the bottom right corner and, after half a dozen attempts, it took.

    @ John, I had the same problem and found that there were issues with Bulletproof Plugin when Update to 3.5 was installed.
    The Advice I found was deactivate Bulletproof-Plugin, deinstall it and reinstall it – I did so and no change.

    But my mistake was – deinstalling the Bulletproof Plugin probably does NOT remove the .htaccess file from the Admin Folder – this step has to be done before deinstalling from the Bulletproof – Panel.

    Today I did just this –
    1.removed the wp-admin .htaccess file within Bulletproof
    2.opened a post saved it and the loooong editor was gone.
    3. reinstalled the .htaccess file with Bulletproof.

    So if ever you use the Bulletproof Plugin you can do so – or just check if you have a .htaccess file in the admin folder (maybe from another Plugin ( not verified ) just rename it in your File manager to i.e. old. htaccess then open a post / page in your Dashboard and save it.

    If this works you can rename the .htaccess back and try editing sth. again – hope it helps to solve some problems

    i know that’s pretty strange. but i haD a big box editor..
    search there, don’t find rapid changes.

    I resolve the trick just by…tada 🙂

    1 – i open a NEW post
    2 – in visual, i just move the bottom right triangle of the Edit box
    3 – i quit .. (DO NOT SAVE this POST)!!
    4 – i open a written post to verify

    then i tested on little posts, and bigger to a very long post (where i tried many times to get the edit box shorten (no way it kept very long height )
    and now it is all right, the Edit-box has its right height !
    may you get ok, i know that’s the simplest manip: just a NEW post and (no save in fact), just get back to your “crazy” long post
    it will be OK (no ?)

    Thanks @ WP-Junkie, I tried that but no luck. Once I upgraded WP to 3.5.1 everything was OK so upgrading is the solution!


    Hey @ John,

    nice it works for you – I was hoping the update solves all too, – but it didn’t.
    I think there were more than only one issues with that as I had these Problems only on one of 5 Sites – with same Plugins, same Host, all with Elegant Themes, same time updated to 3.5 – weird 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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