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    Prior to version 7 (which is nice), ‘Live’ reporting used to show a link where they visitor came from. Has that ability been removed, or is there a setting to put it back?

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  • Try clicking anywhere on the entry (while in live traffic). It should open up to show you the ip address and blocking options.

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    Thank you bannorb, I see not all of them have that information and I must have clicked on the several that didn’t.

    Anyone know of a way to put it in it’s own column? Maybe those interested need to suggest it?

    It makes me nauseous and hurts my wrists (literally) to have to click on the Live Traffic listings for actual actionable information and options that could still fit on a “single sheet” view with good design (6 interface was better), allowing a power user to simply scan the page of listings. But that’s the way it is, yippee, take it or leave it. And yes, you just click on the entries for info, if the info isn’t there, Wordfence probably could not obtain it. If you have the IP, you can go 3rd party for informations, try

    No need to click on every entry in the Live Traffic feed to get all the details about it, you can just make sure that “Expand All Results” is activated as in this screenshot, now when there is a “Referer header” you will see it like “IP left and visited”.

    You can also go to (Wordfence > Tools > Live Traffic > Show Advanced Filters) then choose (“Referer” > “Contains”) and entered something like “www”, you will get a list of all the entries with “Referer Header”.


    Alaa, I need to see which URLs were hit by IPs blocked via “Immediately Block URLs” settings in Wordfence. This was easy in ver 6, for the life of me I can’t figure it out in ver 7. Please help. My “Live Traffic” list is hundreds of entries long, even though it’s actually not “Live Traffic.” It’s mostly results from country blocking, which I don’t need to look it too often. I need to analyze the results from my blocked URLs. Thanks for any help. MTN

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