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  • They are in the post… like when you are writing?

    It is kinda funky… not sure I like it. AT.ALL.

    Thanks Rori but I was asking about the options like: “Maximum size” and “Allowed file extensions”. I couldn’t find them.


    Maybe read this post for some guidence or something.

    I think that main “feature” in the Control Panel..has been eliminated from the newest version of WP 2.0. It used to be located under: Options => Miscellaneous Options I believe. But now I think it’s all done within the write post part or something. But I’m not promising anything lol. Again.. maybe try reading that thread there.


    P.S. I usually just upload my images to a set width and not worry too much about the height. And then just add it to a post or what not. A size that you think won’t mess up your template. =)

    Not to just bump this ahead for the heck of it, but rather maybe try to come up with a little solution or something for those wanting that feature added to their “specific” blog(s) control panel like before…

    I noticed that in the Version 2.0 Beta… in the file: wp-admin/options-mis.php
    It was showing the codes for it, but like I said it was evidently removed when the Version 2.0 was released.

    Asking for the moderators opinions and such, could those ppl just upload that Version 2.0 Beta :
    wp-admin/options-mis.php file over the existing one in the wp-admin folder and cmod the wp-content folder 777 like normal. And it be safe for them? Just was curious myself… but I’m not worried about it at this time, because like I said above there, I usually just upload the images directly to my root or image folders and call it up in the write post part of CP. Thanks …. =)

    File with the UPLOAD FIELDS IN IT:

    Just copy all that….paste it in the wp-admin/options-mis.php file…. reupload it… cmod your wp-content directory 777…. should be fine. I just did it with my Blog running Version 2.0. And it appears in there under:
    Options => Miscellaneous Options of the control panel. =)


    P.S. Make the directory:
    wp-content/ <— 777
    Or make an uploads directory:
    wp-content/uploads <– 777
    wp-content/pics <– 777
    Or whatever they choose….And remember to cmod the wp-content folder 777 as well as the new added folder such as: uploads/ or pics/ or images/ inside the wp-content folder 777.

    “They are in the post… like when you are writing?

    It is kinda funky… not sure I like it. AT.ALL.”

    I’ll second this, mainly because it uploads it to a different folder than the one I used to specify… And that whole “makes a page/post out of a picture” bullcrap should be optional

    and in that link, the person who said

    “This new (and un-documented) feature tries to “protect” the users from uploading an image whose size would destroy the layout and/or having a huge image in the text input area :)”

    This is becoming more and more apparent, developers are throwing in things that are completely un-needed, with no way of turning them off… If I want to upload an image that would destroy my layout, that choice should surely be up to me?

    @gregorsmith, yeah… Well like I said previously, I just make my images to a certain width where I know it won’t screw my template up, and then not worry so much about the height really.

    Then upload it to my root or image folders and add it right inside the WritePost section. =) I dunno, I guess ppl sometimes just get so used to the certain features there, and then when they are removed… they get “lost” and do not know how to use the “new” features or same features that are relocated in the Control Panel lol!!

    But, I’m not too worried about my Blog and such. I just know what I’m doing with her hahaha.. Just was trying to throw out that option again for those who are “lost” with it I guess…it’s up to who ever really… =)


    P.S. @gregorsmith, I feel ya man. I know what you’re saying hehe. I wasn’t necessarily pointing that comment of mine towards you, but for everyone lol. But, yeah..flucking sucks sometimes when changes like that are made… but .. if you or anyone wants the old setup back for it… I have the link to the file in the previous post of mine. =)

    S’ok, i didn’t take it personally…

    Luckily my search lead me to the “old skool uploads” plugin, brings back the options and upload page for “lost” folk 😛

    Hahaha…. awesome! =) Well, hopefully this post will help others in need of the “old school” uploads features and stuff lol! =) I myself just found it easier to upload the original: wp-admin/options-mis.php file over the version 2.0’s one lol. But, everyone can make their own decisions and what not…hehe. =)


    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    When you add an image to a post, you can resize on the fly by clicking it and dragging the grab bars.

    yeah, only if you elect to use that (IMO) god awful WYSIWYG interface

    no good ever came from WYSIWYG interfaces

    Ryan, yeah…I noticed that when I was making a post once. =) And then also centered it, which is also an awesome feature to. =) I was just saying above, that some ppl evidently are “lost” or “confused” with the new setup in the control panel, and was trying to not necessarily “help” them, but giving them that “old” option or feature of the uploading section in control panel.

    I pretty much catch on quick with the features and changes that are made with softwares. But, I guess for some it just takes a little longer or something lol. But, any how.. I don’t mind it. It’s actually awesomely cool! =) WordPress kicks ass, and I was going to use Joomla in-replace of my main site along with WordPress, but decided to drop that, and just use WordPress totally! =) Just gotta get this new theme ready and it will be show time lol!!


    But they also have to know themselves if that image might be TOO BIG for their templates and stuff. If they think it will be, they need or could resize it like you said Ryan. =) But I just got in the habit of scaling the images down before hand, before uploading to the FTP directory. Just to be on the safe side.. But using too much imagery as well slows the page load times down alot to..and uses some bandwidth. Never fails…always something lmao!..

    cmod the wp-content folder 777 like normal

    Is that really normal to chmod a folder 777? I think it’s dangerous and mostly unnecessary.

    Well I usually do it, or like most say, just cmod it 666 or something. But I also throw in a blank index.php file, in certain directories.. =) Scratch my cmod of “777” and just use the “666” or whatever you peoples feel safer with ok. =)


    UPDATE: Keep the cmod of 777… Sorry..just noticed that even the Codex says to do so.. most ppl need to use that cmod! So there god damn it! LOL!!


    I wish there was a way to REMOVE that upload box from the write post screen (short of hacking core files, which I prefer not to do)…I’ll never use it, and it just clutters the interface.

    Also, referring to using the TinyMCE stuff as a solution is bad ui; many folks a) Don’t like it or b) Can’t use it (Markdown conflict and no Safari support). GIven that it’s optional, there needs to be alternate means to achieve the same result.

    Commenting out line 220 in “/wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php” and line 184 in “edit-page-form.php” removes the upload box, for anyone else who wants to get rid of it.

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