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  1. garyhugo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Newbie in need of some help please..

    I've installed WordPress & set-up Mantra theme with PResentation Page.

    How do I see any posts?

    If I disable the Presentation Page the posts show up on: blog.hugo.us.com

    But when the Presentation Page is enabled the posts disappear & I don't know where they are or how to link to them.

    Any ideas?

  2. When you enable the presentation page, did you also go to the settings > reading and set your presentation page as the blog page?

  3. garyhugo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The Settings->Reading options don't help. The only way you can specify which page is the "Posts Page" is by opting for a Static home page (which is not what I want because I'm using Mantra's "presentation page" as the home page.

    I did figure it out though...

    Create a new page and, in the template drop-down options on the right, select "Blog Page (Posts Page)"

    BTW... Speaking of the template drop-down box, what's the "Category Page With Intro" option for. I'd expected it to list available categories, but it's just a blank page. Weird.

  4. LVRuss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    BTW ... what's the "Category Page With Intro" option for. I'd expected it to list available categories, but it's just a blank page. Weird.

    I didn't expect it to list available categories but I did expect it to list everything in the category the page was made to display. I did try this:

    Theme Author
    Posted 10 months ago #
    You don't have to edit any files. Just create a page that has the same name as the category and that category's posts will be loaded into the page. Give it a try ;)

    It didn't work. I have come up with my own solution using "List category posts" plugin, but I would have preferred to have had Theme Author's solution work because it took me a week trying out various plugins to find the "List category posts" plugin and get it to work the way I wanted ... the way I thought the template would. Since it doesn't work...doesn't do anything (I can see) the default template doesn't do ... don't really see why it's even there.

  5. the.Zedt
    Posted 3 years ago #

    "C17. What if I want to use both the presentation page and the blog page?

    If you’ve enabled the presentation page and also want to create a blog page (like the default WordPress homepage), create a new page and choose “Blog Template” as the page template. Then add a link to that page in your menu(s) (if it isn’t created automatically)."
    Mantra FAQs

    The "Category page with intro" is experimental.
    The page which uses the “Category page with intro” template and category need to have exactly the same slug and your WordPress needs to be configured to use the %postname% slug.

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