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  • It appears I’ve got multisite to install successfully but some things don’t make sense. Please help.

    1) All the plugins and themes from the main site seem to be available in the subfolder site. But only the disabled plugins show up in the plugins list, on the subfolder site’s dashboard. WTF? I assume that the subdirectory site is accessing the same plugins as the primary site, but then how do I change the settings/options of those plugins, or to disable a plugin if I wanted to?

    2) Similar to plugins, I am able to use one of the themes that is installed in the main site. But I want to import my settings from a file and the instructions are to FTP a file to a directory – but there is no themes directory for the subfolder site. Am I missing something? Where is the themes folder for the subfolder site? Or can you not use the same theme with different options from the main site?

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    1) Any plugin you have as NETWORK activated does NOT show up on the sites plugin pages, ONLY on the network Page. So on the site plugin page, you see the per-site plugins not yet activated. Should you activate them, they show up as activated 🙂

    2) Depends on the theme really. The themes directory is network wide, and you’d have to ask the theme dev if their setup works on sub sites.

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    Addendum to themes: 90% of them should work just fine on a sub site, using different theme options from the admin area.

    On the plugins: don’t network activate every single one! Many of them do not like it and are not built for it. If you network activated a plguin and the plugin’s menus don;t show on the subsites, check for a few things, like

    – is it meant to be network activated? No? then don’t. Activate it per site.
    – did the plguin say network activate it? Do the docs say each sub site *should* have the menus? Then talk tot he plguin devs.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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