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  • Hello,

    I read that Cookie Notice is the best GPDR compliant cookie manager plugin

    But I don’t find where are the individual cookie settings ?
    User is supposed to be able to activate or deactivate cookies individually : Google Analytics, Facebook … and I don’t find this in Cookie Notice.

    What did I miss ?

    Many thanks for you help

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  • Hi,

    You are not missing anything 🙂

    This plugin has only one space to put all scripts in so they get blocked until consent is given. There is no option to let them chose for each script seperately.

    Personally, I find those even more annoying ( I mean sites that present a whole list of scripts to accept or not ) when I am visiting a site.

    I think visitors just want to visit the site and find what they are looking for. I am afraid most of them will just say no and be done with it, or say yes to all, and be done with it.

    Most visitors wont have a clue what the difference is between all those scripts anyway. So if they are reluctant to give consent, they probably will be reluctant to all.

    Hi Logo,

    I understand your point of view and I hate those requirements too, but it seems the law ask to display the cookie list

    A bulk yes with “we use cookies” would be legally not acceptable

    Hi Doobeedoo,

    Well as far as I informed myself correctly, the law only requires us to:

    Let users know we are using cookies and go in detail about that in our privacy policy.
    Further more we can only let sripts, that gather personal data ( IP is one of them ), run if a users gives permission. As far as I know we do not need to ask permission for each one of them seperately.

    Think about it, if we block all untill consent, we comply GDPR because we do not track them without consent?

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    The law does ask to display a cookie list, but that can be done in the privacy policy.
    There we need to let visitors know what cookies they are accepting if they give permission.

    They need to know what each of these do, what they track, how and where we store their data, what we do to protect that data and how long we store them.

    If that is explained in the privacy policy we should be good 🙂

    Nobody is really sure about the law and it seems that it’s the problem

    “as far as I informed myself correctly”
    “As far as I know”
    “Think about it”
    “we should be good”

    I suppose if you want to be 100% sure, you should contact a laywer..
    This GDPR is a pain haha

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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