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    I have been using Visual Form Builder for some time now and liked it until I tried to add some new plugins. It seems when I deleted the new plugins, the Visual forms deisappeared. I have tried contacting the auther but he just says it is not his problem. Can some one tell me where the forms are saved and what they are called? I thought it was wp-content/Plugins/Media-Library-assistant. I have tried restoring the whole web site from a backup and it did not work. I am not a teck. I am a person that is helping a car club with their web site that years ago had some programming experience and was to stupid to say NO!
    The fact is that I am a customer that is using your product and I am having problems. I am getting little help! I would think some one could tell me where the forms are stored, what they are called and when are they stored there?.

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  • lernerconsulting


    wp-content/Plugins/Media-Library-assistant is the location for the program files of that plugin, unrelated to the Visual Form Builder plugin.

    As the documentation says, the form layout and data are stored in the database; there are no “files” for that.

    “when I deleted the new plugins, the Visual forms deisappeared”
    If you deleted the Visual Form Builder program, of course the forms would disappear. The program is needed to display the form, and process the form results. Reinstall the program…



    I deleted the plugin for a video plugin and not Visual Form Builder or are you saying once I start I can not delete any plugins as all of the entires in wp-content/Plugins/Media-Library-assistant will be deleted? I thought the documentation said the forms were stored in Media Library and I could not find it.

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