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    The firewall logs are located in the wp-content/nfwlog/ folder and are named firewall_2019-xx.php.

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    Hi nintech,

    thank you for reply.

    What does for example this record mean:

    [1564612763] [0.00167] [] [#5571473] [0] [1] [] [404] [GET] [/wp-login.php] [Blocked access to the login page] [hex:626f7420646574656374696f6e20697320656e61626c6564]

    how can I convert it to “readable” format, with normal date and time and what is mean by hex number?

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    [1564612763]: 1564612763 is the epoch (seconds since Jan, 1st 1970).
    You can use PHP:

    echo date( 'd/M/y H:i:s', 1564612763 );

    Or the date shell command:

    $ date -d @1564612763

    [0.00167]: Time to process the request.

    []: Hostname.

    [#5571473]: Incident ID.

    [0]: Rule ID (if any).

    [1]: Log level.

    []: User IP.

    [404]: HTTP code returned by the firewall.

    [GET]: HTTP method.

    [/wp-login.php]: Requested script.

    [Blocked access to the login page]: Reason.

    [hex:626f7420646574656374696f6e20697320656e61626c6564]: Additional info, hexencoded. There are many websites that you can use to decode strings:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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