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  • like in blogger the posts are stored in a folder in your server,

    but in wordpress where are the posts stored?

    Tomo if my server crashes.. can i restore all my files of wordpress when how can i get back my posts?

    Where do the posts get stored?

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  • They are stored in a database.
    Is this a issue or a (Software) issue ?
    If it is issue, go to

    If it’s, read

    by the way, backing up your database will allow you to save everything on your blog. Categories, users, links etc

    aree no i am asking if regularly backup my files in the sever, will all my posts also come back if tomo that particular server crashes and i upload back my back-up?

    I just mean to ask a normal question, where does my posts/articles get stored?

    I have the same question…..

    I imported two years worth of posts from Blogger into WP 2.0.1. The post archive directories still exist in my public_html directory, but none of the posts I’ve created using WP show up in them.

    I am having problems with my archive links showing my old Blogger posts correctly, so I’m trying to find where the current WP posts are stored…..

    All WordPress posts and pages are in the wp_posts table.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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