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  • Sorry for the vauge subject line but couldn’t think of anything more specific that wouldn’t take two sentences to describe.

    We have our blog up and going. In OPTIONS/READ we’ve set the number to 12 entries per page before older entries are “pushed off” the page. We assumed the old pushed off entries would show up in the archive for the month of MARCH…But when we click that March link, to view the archived items for March (the only month we have up right now) the “pushed off” entries aren’t there…it’s just a repeat of the page that is now holding the 12 current entry posts.

    So “where” are the old entries that have disappeared (I can find them in the specific categories they were filed under when originally created — but not as “archived” material)?

    How do we get everything to show up under MARCH archives?

    Does this make sense?


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  • you should probably give us a link to your site. I suspect that the problem has to do with your permalink structure and your .htaccess file.




    It has nothing to do with the .htaccess file. It has to do with the fact that the archives page ALSO uses the SAME (for what ever reason) “Show X posts” as the main page. They are still in the database, they haven’t “gone” anywhere, it’s simply that the archive and the main page use the same logic to pull the posts. I’d like to see them use different methods to get the posts, so that monthly archives will actually show the ENTIRE MONTH, but it’s been this way for some time, and I suspect it will never change. But, if you are feeling up to it, go to the bug tracker and log a “bug.”


    addendum: You can also try searching the forums for “nicer archives” or “narchives” and see if it works for you.

    You can also use the “Custom posts per page” plugin.

    Hmmmm — ok, so it sounds like it’s not the .htaccess file, but perhaps the permalink structure…Can you explain more about that second possibility? I do know that we chose not to categorize every post under the DEFAULT CATEGORY, as that seemed redundant to have that showing up with every post. But perhaps we were supposed to have every entry filed under that default, to keep them all”together” in the month’s archives?




    It’s NOT the permalink struct either.

    IT has EVERYthing to do with your options. Under reading, it says show X posts etc…. So when WP gets the post for the main page, it gets the latest 12 posts. Unfortunatly in the archives, it uses that SAME OPTION to get posts for the archives. It’s stupid, silly and leads to all sorts of problems (like this one.)

    However, me being just a gnome, should I suggest changing it, it would never happen.

    Narchives, or Nicer Archives, is an alternative archives file that pulls the posts it’s own way, separate from the default WP way. I’m sure if you search the forums for it, you should be able to find it (or at least a link to it) where there will be directions for its installation and use.


    Thanks Gnome-person. Will try the Nicer Archives plugin.

    I agree with logista, the Custom Post Per Page plugin is very simple and will do exactly what you’re wanting.

    So which is it…Custom Post Per Page plugin, or Nicer Archives…

    I feel like it’s an American Idol moment?



    I’ve not tried Nicer Archives, it may just as simple to use 😉

    All I can find on Custom Post Per Page is here:

    Is this the plugin you’re recommending????

    This one is the one I use. You have to copy the text from the post and save it in your plugins folder.

    Whoops! that’s not what I use. (so embarrassing).
    This is a copy-paste from my actual plugin

    Plugin Name: Custom Posts Per Page
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Change the number of posts per page displayed for different page types.
    Author: Based on code by rboren & brehaut
    Author URI:

    $posts_per['home'] = 4;
    $posts_per['day'] = 10;
    $posts_per['month'] = 10;
    $posts_per['search'] = 10;
    $posts_per['year'] = 999;
    $posts_per['author'] = 999;
    $posts_per['category'] = 999;

    function custom_posts_per_page($query_string) {
    global $posts_per;

    $query = new WP_Query();

    if ($query->is_home) {
    $num = $posts_per['home'];

    } elseif ($query->is_day) {
    $num = $posts_per['day'].'&order=ASC';

    } elseif ($query->is_month) {
    $num = $posts_per['month'].'&order=ASC';

    } elseif ($query->is_year) {
    $num = $posts_per['year'].'&order=ASC';

    } elseif ($query->is_author) {
    $num = $posts_per['author'];

    } elseif ($query->is_category) {
    $num = $posts_per['category'];

    } elseif ($query->is_search) {
    $num = $posts_per['search'];

    if (isset($num)) {

    if (preg_match("/posts_per_page=/", $query_string)) {

    $query_string = preg_replace("/posts_per_page=[0-9]*/", "posts_per_page=$num", $query_string);
    } else {
    if ($query_string != '') {
    $query_string .= '&';
    $query_string .= "posts_per_page=$num";


    return $query_string;
    add_filter('query_string', 'custom_posts_per_page');

    Drats, logista beat me to it by mere seconds!

    Another option is MDV Archive.

    MtDewVirus (great handle)…Do you recommend the MDV Archive plugin over the other two mentioned. Meaning, have you tried the three and this is the one you like best? I’d rather just cut to the chase and upload the one that’s gonna work the smoothest.



    I wrote this the MDV Archive so I may be a little biased. 🙂 It’s not actually a plugin, just part of a theme. All you do is drop the file into your theme.

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