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  • When editing an existing Post, I do not see the Tags and Categories, nor Custom Fields.

    Same thing for New Post. Which is weird, because I thought I saw the Tags and Categories under an Advanced tab before, using some previous version of Gutenberg, but that Advanced tab gone, too.

    Screen Options, usually found at the top right of the interface of WordPress, is also missing.

    Using Gutenberg 3.4
    WordPress 4.9.8
    Chrome Mac OSX

    In Console, I see this error:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
    Unhandled promise rejection Object

    There is also a “warning” in Console that says

    paragraphs block class set is-small-text, …, is-large-text is deprecated and will be removed from Gutenberg in 3.6. Please use has-small-font-size, …, has-large-font-size class set instead. Note: If paragraphs using this classes are opened in the editor new classes are automatically applied the post just needs to be saved. This is a global warning, shown regardless of whether the classes are used in the current post.

    Are the elements in the “sidebar” of the editor (on the right) loaded dynamically, like after the page loads or something, and there is a javascript error that is preventing those elements from loading? There seem to be about 29 requests in the background for “index.js”, not that I think this is the culprit, but there are overall 94 requests for various .js files, and maybe my server’s firewall is suspicious of so many requests happening so quickly.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    There are a few scenarios where tags and categories do not show up, the most likely culprit being firewalls, security plugins disabling the REST API, and custom post/taxonomy types that do not have the REST API enabled.

    I would start by checking any security plugins if you have some, although the 500 error you mentioned is puzzling and I am not able to replicate that on a fresh website with only Gutenberg running.

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    Is there some way Gutenberg could have a “compatibility check” panel that will see if the REST API is enabled?

    I would think a 500 error would not be caused by a security plug; it might return a 404 or 301 or something.

    Working on another website, totally different host, same problem: Missing Tags and Categories in the right side panel.

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    Aha, @clorith, it is the REST API. iThemes Security is trying to protect the site.
    If anyone else runs into this problem, go to Security: Settings WordPress Tweaks and look for the REST API setting. Usually we have it set for Restricted Access, which is recommended by iThemes.

    So, @clorith, are there any risks with having the Default Access?

    Here is what iThemes says:

    Restricted Access – Restrict access to most REST API data. This means that most requests will require a logged in user or a user with specific privileges, blocking public requests for potentially-private data. We recommend selecting this option.

    Default Access – Access to REST API data is left as default. Information including published posts, user details, and media library entries is available for public access.

    At their website, they go into it a little more (as to why they recommend restricting it):

    By default, the REST API can be used to access information that you might believe is private on your site, including:

    • Published posts of all post types, including those that don’t seem like posts, such as products or member programs.
    • User details that may include users that do not have any published posts or pages.
    • Media library entries which may expose links to download media that is not publicly linked anywhere. This could include links to download member-only content, backups created by some plugins, or any other kind of file added to the media library. (Note that BackupBuddy backups are not stored in the media library and are not accessible via the REST API.)
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    Now that we can see the Categories box in the sidebar panel on the right, there is a UX problem.

    Because we have a lot of categories, maybe fifty or more, it takes a while for the ajax request to come in, sometimes as long as five seconds. So the user clicks the Categories several times, which compounds the problem, as the triangle seems to get out of sync with the response. If you watch the Network panel in Chrome, you can see the requests building up.

    When there are a lot of categories, that pushes the Tags button way down.

    In the Classic Editor, the Categories list has two handy tabs, All Categories and Most Used. It scrolls within itself and shows eight. So there is still a chance to see the Tags button.

    I know in javascript, if you have an animation started up there is a way to stop it, so maybe there could be a way to limit the number of requests from building up when you click repeatedly on the Categories triangle?

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    A continuing but related issue:

    We have a Custom Taxonomy created via the CPT UI plugin, called “Clients.”
    It does not appear in the Gutenberg editor, but shows up fine in the Classic Editor. Is there some reason that Custom Taxonomies will not show up in the righthand sidebar like the default taxonomies, Categories and Tags??

    Also, where are Custom Fields?

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    Sorry about the prolonged wait for an update here.

    For Custom Taxonomies, they need to have the REST API enabled (as do Custom Post Types), these are individual flags for each of them.

    The Custom Fields section isn’t implemented yet (it’s a horrible UX and I had hoped we could get rid of it, but alas, we can not). You can follow along on the progression of it at (which I see you’ve found, but leaving it here so others that may find it).

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