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  • Hello. I am trying to use the “Tabbed Widget” widget, but I am unable to find where the invisible widgets area that it specifies is. I am using standard theme on WordPress 3.0. Can anyone help me please?

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  • Anybody?

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    Ten minutes & you’re bumping? Have a little Patience please. Bumping is frowned upon here.

    Once you have enabled the plugin, The invisible widget area should appear above the Primary Widget Area in Appearance -> Widgets

    Sorry, I’m just short on time and everyone else’s questions were answered within 6 minutes of posting.

    I clicked on the widgets in the appearance section and I’m only seeing Active and Inactive widgets. There is no invisible widget section anywhere



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    Everyone is short on time around here. Bumping is one very fast way to ensure that you are completely ignored.

    Have you activated the plugin? Have you read the plugin’s documentation?

    Yes I have activated the plugin and read the documentation, which does not describe anything about the invisible widgets area except that I am supposed to put the widgets I wish to use in the Invisible Widget Area, which I’m not seeing.

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    I’m only seeing Active and Inactive widgets.

    What is on the right hand side of those? Do you see the widget containers that you drag the widgets to? If the plugin is enabled you should see the invisible widget area at the top of those.

    The plugin is activated, but I am only seeing “Sidebar” and “Top Ad” in that area.


    Ok, so I switched from Standard theme to the Twenty Ten theme and now I’m seeing the invisible widgets section. Is there no way I can get the invisible widget section on the Standard theme?

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    When you said ‘standard theme’ it sounded like you meant the default theme: 2010.

    I can’t find a theme called ‘standard’ in the repository, but a google search turned up a paid theme with that name. If that is the one, you’ll need to ask the theme developer directly (support should be included in the price you paid). No one can troubleshoot what they don’t have access to.

    You could also try emailing the plugin developer. He answered all my questions very quickly, and he might be aware of why that problem is occurring if others have experienced it. Good luck!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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