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  • My issue = google image bot doesn’t index my images. My suspicion is because of the apparent lack of image tags…

    As most of us I’m using frequently images on my blog to illustrate things. I use the normal image upload function within a post to upload my images. Once the image is uploaded I edit the ALT and TITLE tags to reflect the content. I use a certain semantic for image file names <country_spot_object.jpg>.

    When I look at the properties of the uploaded images I can’t find the image tags anymore? While in the post you see the ALT and TITLE tag. (example or image

    Where are the ALT and TITLE tags stored when you edit them in wordpress? Are they stored in the jpg file or is it just a tag existing in wordpress environment but if you go to actual image (follow url) the tags aren’t there?

    Second, should I edit the ALT and TITLE tags in the image-file itself each time or is there a smarter way?

    Very curious how this works. Thanks for any help and suggestions.


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