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  • background info:
    i had hosting for a website I started for a friend. She has a non profit she jsut started and I donated the domain name and the hosting. Hosting was with godaddy. I started using bluehost with one of my websites because you can have multiple domains for the same price so it was a lot cheaper than godaddy.

    I was moving this site over to bluehost, following the instructions for “if you don’t care if your old blog works” and it got all fubared and didn’t work on bluehost. I figured wth because i was going to change her theme anyway and there wasn’t that much stuff on there so I just started from scratch with the thesis theme. However, she did have some blog entries (about 3 or 4) and I would like to copy them over because I have no content for the new hosting.

    How do I get the few blog entries over to the new hosting at bluehost? I can’t login in to the WP admin panel because now everything has been changed to bluehost (nameservers etc) and when I login to wpadmin it goes to bluehost (as it should). Can anyone give me any direction? I can FTP into godaddy (my account is still current for a couple of weeks) but I don’t know where to go to get this stuff.

    thanks in advance!

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  • Blog entries and everything else WP is stored in a database, ask your previous host to send you the db dump.

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