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    I hate to be Mr. Impatient, because it looks like you’re doing some great stuff here, but is there some sort of roadmap or ETA for the features promised by the WordPress/b2++ merge? I’d really like to upgrade my b2 blog, but I’d like to wait until some of b2++’s niftier features, particularly Smarty template support, become a part of WordPress.

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  • Well, looking at the CVSWeb, nothing’s been committed in the past 2 weeks or so. So, either the developers are tweaking a setup independent of CVS, or else there’s just not much happening.
    I’m looking forward to a new version as well, so some of the hacks I’ve been using (friendly URLs, mainly) are more cleanly implemented. The templates will be nice, too – I assume that’ll mean less work involved migrating from one version to the next subsequently.

    and now it is november…. almost december

    boo-hoo and bah humbug, pass the gravy.

    I have 600 members in my b2++ blog community at e4God.com .
    It seems that b2++ is no longer a live project – since freshmeat page links to wordpress demo.
    Sad that I still cannot migrate b2++ to something usable, such as this wordpress. Need multiple blogs, with automated new blog creation, and ADMIN utility for blog owners and site admin to control spam, close blogs, etc.

    I thought b2++ had morphed into WordPress MU? at any rate that is what the guy formerly developing b2++ seems to be doing. he seems pretty busy with it which is probably why he hasn’t kept you guys informed!

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