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    When I disable plugin via Freesoul, it becomes inactive on all pages and posts, although i chose to be inactive only on posts. Problem exists too, when i unchecking plugins active on single page (and not only rev slider).

    I tried to deactivate WP Fastest Cache, and work without cache but the problem persists. Can You please tell me what is the problem ? Why plugin goes to the folder of inactive plugins ?

    My site is

    This is the link of video that i made for this problem:


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  • Plugin Author Jose


    Hi @dreamtours Thank you for your thread.

    Freesoul Deactivate Plugins manipulates a filter of active plugins provided by WordPress, but it does it only on the front-end according to the saved options.

    In the back-end it gives you the possibility to saves the options, on the front-end, it disables the plugins according to the saved options.

    The code for front-end and back-end are completely separated. All the code to disable plugins is wrapped by a condition that checks it’s the front-end.

    So the only explanation I can give to this issue is something related to the object cache. I suspect that the results of the active plugin’s filter is stored as an object cache and used everwhere after you save the options and visit the front-end.
    Are you using object cache?

    If you confirm it, I will try to update the plugin in a way that we can prevent issues caused by the object cache.

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    I use only WP Fastest Cache, but like you see in video, its inactive when I test plugin.
    I test again everything, and its same. After I check that some plugin become inactive for specific page, its become inactive for all pages and posts.

    All my plugin is on page:

    I must deactivate Freesoul Deactivate Plugins because people come to site and some plugins don’t liste.

    This is the first time that i use plugin like this. But I can say when it worked, it would be what I needed for years. Lets smash it 🙂

    Plugin Author Jose



    For me, it’s impossible to reproduce this issue on my development websites. I’ve installed WP Fastest Cache and tried all possible settings, but I have no problems.

    I’m interested in understanding what is going on, but looking at your page on the front-end and the list of plugins is not enough. In the list, I don’t see plugins that could manipulate the active plugin’s filter.

    Do you have a staging environment with the same active plugins where I can investigate this issue?

    Or would it be possible to create an FTP account for me just to write in the debug.log file some information I need to check what is going on?

    Another option would be to export your installation with All In One WP Migration or similar plugins and provide me the exported file, so I can recreate your installation on my server, in this way I can check there are no plugins conflicts taking also in account exactly your plugins settings.

    In case you need to provide sensitive information you can use my contact form at

    Plugin Author Jose


    Just to inform who has the same issue.

    In this specific case, the plugin NextGEN Gallery is causing the issue.

    The root cause is related to the fact NextGEN Gallery saves the active plugins in the WordPress core option when you visit the front-end. In my opinion, this is not acceptable. No plugin should touch a so important WordPress option as the active_plugins.
    Freesoul Deactivate Plugins just filters the active_plugins option output, but it never saves it in the database. NextGEN Gallery does it, and it does it visiting the front-end!

    I’m working to prevent Freesoul Deactivate Plugins to filter the active plugins before NextGEN Gallery wants to save the active plugins core option.

    IF I find a stable and clean solution I will publish a new version.

    Until then, Freesoul Deactivate Plugins is absolutely not compatible with NextGEN Gallery.

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    Plugin Author Jose


    In the main file nggallery.php of the plugin NextGEN Gallery in the function fix_loading_order(), I’ve added the line of code if( defined( ‘EOS_DEACTIVE_PLUGINS’ ) ) return;
    This prevents NextGEN Gallery to save the active plugins filtered by Freesoul Deactivate Plugins.

    This is not a clean solution, because you will lose it after updating NextGEN Gallery.
    I’ve opened a thread in the NextGEN Gallery forum to try to find a clean solution.
    Who is interested can follow this thread:

    Until a final and clean solution, Freesoul Deactivate Plugins and NextGEN Gallery are not compatible if you don’t modify the code of NextGEN Gallery as mentioned above.

    function fix_loading_order()
    // If a plugin wasn’t activated/deactivated siliently, we can listen for these things
    if (did_action(‘activate_plugin’) || did_action(‘deactivate_plugin’)) return;
    else if (strpos($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], ‘plugins’) !== FALSE) return;
    else if (!$this->is_page_request()) return;
    if( defined( ‘EOS_DEACTIVE_PLUGINS’ ) ) return;


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