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  • the wysiwyg editor (is it tinyMCE ?) is struggling to even have that HTML tab in it. so many bugs where it wipes formatting and/or breaks code

    – line breaks
    – tables
    – iframes

    if i have an iframe on my page i cannot save the page whilst in Visual mode, if i do it completely strips the iframe and everything in it. so i have to make sure i am always in the HTML tab when i save the page.

    tables, notoriously hard to work with. unfortunately i’m not good enough to position everything with CSS.

    line breaks. i dont have to justify this one.

    i think theres at least half a dozen other bugs which arent coming to mind at the moment. i experience constant frustrations with the page editor. always workarounding


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  • This is the modern dilemma, non-techies publishing on blogs, and getting upset that they can’t replicate their word processor. I’ve written a blog article about it, as I have this identical conversation with clients all the time.

    Unfortunately, I’m on the other side of this debate. I know what types of ungodly hoops that coders have to go through to make an editor work in a browser. And getting them to work in multiple browsers and platforms is even worse. It’s essentially a nightmare. Oh, and they’re working for free, too. So there you go.

    That being said, I have used WysiwygPro, and it does a really excellent job. Yes, it’s a paid app, so many will reject it because they demand free stuff, but when you have paid coders, you have a better chance of something being solid. They do have a WP plugin, which I have not used, but I have used the MODx plugin, and it’s definitely better than MODx’s implementation of Tiny. Also easier to customize, for the geeks out there.

    btw, the answer to your question is, possibly never. That’s because WP is not in charge of Tiny, it’s a separate app. So complaints would probably be better placed on their forum. But based on what you’re saying using iframes and tables and other problematic editing devices, sadly, I think you’ll never be happy with your editor. Sorry.

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