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  • Hi!

    When will WordPress 2.7 be released. I want to start a new blog and I’m wondering if I should wait.


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  • I would like to know, too, because it was scheduled to be released by now already. Has anybody got any idea?

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    It’s done, when it’s done.

    There was a blog a few weeks back saying that they were behind schedule but that beta’s would be released by November 10, which they have been. Aside from a few small hiccups, I find the nightly builds to be stable enough to work with privately if you’re interested in getting a jump on 2.7.

    Hm, roadmap is not very accurate as always.

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    I wish people would get rid of date-driven development road-maps altogether. They’re never accurate. This is also why I hate Gantt charts.

    Focus on the tasks, not the dates.

    The roadmap doesn’t say a specific day anymore now, just November 2008. Anyway, I have been using the betas since they were made available (beta1 – beta 3), and with the exception of a few minor bugs they work really well, so you could just start with 2.7-beta3 now and then upgrade to the stable release when it is available. Luckily as of 2.7 WP has an auto-upgrade function, so upgrading is super easy now.




    This is from the blog.

    A Note Regarding the 2.7 Release Date:
    As we approach Beta 3, bug tickets continue to be added to Trac, the pain of making things look good in IE6 continues to be felt, and the need to improve accessibility looms. If you love WordPress, are a decent coder, and want to contribute like these icon designers contributed, please consider contributing a patch to help with one of these efforts. Jump right in on current Trac tickets, or pop into the #wordpress-dev IRC channel to ask what to do.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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