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  • In each new release I expect post ordering to be integrated in WordPress. It is the most important function that is missing. WordPress can’t be called a CMS without it. For now it still is a blog-tool, not a content management system.
    When can we expect the post ordering to be part of WordPress?

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    Posts are meant to be ordered by date. That’s how a blog works.

    If you’re looking for something more ofr a real CMS, then use pages. These can be ordered currectly, and can be added to any menu (most times automatically). That’s what you want instead of using posts for the pages of a website.

    Yes, that’s how a blog works. And that is what I’m saying: WordPress is used for other purposes than blogging, “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog”. Still it isn’t suited for creating a website as long as it is not possible to order Posts (which are articles on a website) as you like.
    I do know how WP works and do know how to work with pages. But when I want several articles on one webpage, I need posts that can be ordered.
    And yes, there are plugins for this. None work okay and it needs to be a core function.



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    How do you want to be able to order the posts? Like you said there’s ways of doing it but it seems like you have something else that you need that isn’t “normal”.

    Oh, I want something that is completely normal: just change the posts in the list with posts. Like it is done in WPML for instance.
    It surprises me that WP hasn’t integrated this yet.



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    How do you want to change the posts? I’m not sure of what order you want them to be in. It’s possible to do the ordering in a few different ways, but it’s very hard to give ideas when you haven’t said exactly how you want things to be ordered.

    I was not asking for ideas, I was wondering in which version WordPress expects to add post ordering. I’m not going to code this myself. As long as ordering is not possible I stick to Joomla.

    Thanks, Tom



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    Well hopefully one of the core team can answer you. But to be honest unless you can say what you actually want you will find it hard. All you need to do is say what you want but so far you have said that you want re ordering but not how you want the sorting done. It’s hard for us to be mind readers and know what you want if you don’t actually tell us.

    I haven’t seen anything about post ordering being added to WordPress core. I believe there are plugins for this if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with a bit of coding.

    Totally agree with tastymouse. Manual post-ordering would be a great functionality (that is a basic functionality in many CMS). To clarify the “Manual post-ordering”:
    For example, if you want such a simple thing like change the post order, you need to change the date of this post. This is not good in many cases such as:
    1. Sometimes, you need the date of the post to be “real”
    2. It is hard to “position” one particular post through other posts by changing the date, because you need to know “next” and “prev” post dates and set the date between this time range

    I am very surprised that some people do not understand the problem. The great example of “Manual post-ordering” is Joomla.

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    There are plugins which might help you do this:

    Thanks, cubecolour. But I and tastymouse are talking about core integration. Plugins, for my opinion, is not a very good solution to implement such fundamental things. For example, we have many plugins for cashing and SEO, but look at support section of them – there are tons of issue reports. So, sometimes I prefer to use other CMS rather than find a fix to a basic CMS feature.

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    Thanks, cubecolour. But I and tastymouse are talking about core integration.

    Yes that’s clear. 😉 We’re all just trying to provide you an alternative.

    Plugins, for my opinion, is not a very good solution to implement such fundamental things.

    Apparently the current development model for WordPress disagrees with you. As demonstrated with the MP6 plugin new functionality will be considered via a plugin first.

    Features, Plugins, and WordPress 3.8

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