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  • I believe I’ve run across this question before. When will P2 allow media to be attached from the front-end (and therefore Galleries to be inserted among other advantages)?

    My understanding was it was something that needed to be updated in WP itself. That was at least 3 major versions ago. 2.9-ish if I remember right. Has the functionality been included to make this work? Is it just P2 that needs updated to make it work? Or is it still not possible. Thanks.

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  • Hello!
    Thanks for the report. I will trac these issues for possible inclusion in a future version of P2.

    Awesome. I sure hope we get it soon!


    I spun up a test blog with the latest versions of WP and P2 and was able to upload images from the front-end. It sounds like the Gallery feature you’re talking about is something a little more involved than the standard media upload overlay, though. Could you give an example of what you’re trying to do that isn’t working? I got here while searching an unrelated problem with uploading media on site running P2, and now I’m curious about the Gallery functionality



    Nevermind, found it (and the issue with attaching to posts along with it)



    I have the latest versions too, but I don’t see any way to upload an image from the front end. How did you do it?



    You should see an icon above the post form on your homepage. It looks something like this:


    I’m running P2 1.4.0 and the lastest update of WP, but I don’t have the upload icon you show. Do I have to activate it somehow?

    I also have a blog, so I activated P2 there and media works. Not sure what’s different on my self-hosted blog.


    Hi Michele,

    you need to be an Author, Editor or Admin to be able to post media from the front page. If your user role is set to Subscriber or Contributor the media upload icon does not show up.

    Hope this helps 😉

    I’m Admin for the blog, and I’ve also checked from an Author account with no luck. Even more perplexing is thatwhen I preview the P2 theme, the media button shows up. See:

    Then once I activate the theme, that whole div vanishes and no button appears.

    That is bizarre indeed. Here’s what I would do:

    – try a different browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
    – if it’s the same in all browsers, delete P2 and re-install it
    – if that doesn’t help, try deactivating all plugins
    – if that doesn’t work, re-install WordPress

    If neither option works, try a different web host or local installation. If only one of the browsers is the problem, try deleting all its history, cache and cookies.

    Let me know how it works out for you.

    Well this has sorta gotten way off my original topic. I’d still like to know. And I’d still really like an official place to ask questions, make suggestions, etc, etc for P2.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out that we had the backend set to http:// but not the front end. Once both were set to http:// the media upload button reappeared.

    Also, I second @tevya‘s suggestion to have an official place for P2 feedback and support.

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