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  • Any idea when the W3 Cache plugin will be compatible with WP 4.7. I’ve never had any problems taking WP updates with the sites I support (and use W3Cache on), but this update, caused the admin site to go down. I couldn’t even get it back up by deleting the plugin on the backend. The user side was fine but you couldn’t get to the admin side at all. I ended up having to restore the site from a backup. I haven’t taken the update on the others sites I support for this reason. Anxious to get them all updated so wanted to see when the compatibility issues would be fixed. Thanks

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  • W3 Total Cache is compatible with WP 4.7. I use it on many sites without problem. Try to see your php error log and copy/paste here the error.

    AFter a bunch of trial-and-error (in a staging environment), I’ve concluded that:

    1) Trying to upgrade to 4.7 with W3 Total Cache installed does not work, and renders both the front-end and wp-admin inaccessible. And it’s not enough to disable it first or even delete the plugin folder alone.

    2) BEFORE upgrading to v4.7: Deactivate and remove the w3-total-cache plugin directory AND it’s /wp-content/advanced-cache.php file. After that I was able to put the w3-total-cache plugin back in-place and re-activate it, and it appears to work with WP v4.7 with no problems.

    ‘Hope this helps.

    Thanks Kilgore. I had been waiting to see if w3Cache would be updated since I have quite a few sites to upgrade, but I appreciate your feedback. When I upgraded on one site before, it only disabled the admin side but after the upgrade, manually deleting the W3Cache folders/files wouldn’t fix it – I had to do a complete restore from backup. I may try your approach on my dev server and see how that works. Thanks

    any suggestion on how to recover from situation 1 ?

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    Yes, the steps in my #2 — that’s exactly how I recovered from situation #1 — completely removed not only the plugin directory, but also the /wp-content/advanced-cache.php file (and probably any other files that the plugin puts in your /wp-content/ directory depending on your w3tc settings, like db.php).

    Also note that after getting that all straightened out for v4.7, I was able to upgrade to today’s v4.7.1 by simply copying the new version files to the webroot and wp-admin and wp-includes directories as-ususal, without having to mess with the w3-total-cache plugin files (but beware, I don’t know if that is true when upgrading from 4.6.1 directly to v4.7.1 or not).

    ‘hope this info helps!

    5 of my sites went blank both on frontend and backend after updating to WP4.7.

    However, some sites did not have any such issues after upgrading.

    I had the same experience on a site with W3TC. After upgrade to 4.7.1 My wp-admin was not accessible. It returned a server error. I had to contact the host to restore the site to the previous day but I’m not in any hurry to upgrade again.

    @kilgore thanks! 👍

    By deleting 3 files from W3TC in the \wp-content folder I was able to get the admin back (advanced-cache.php, db.php, object-cache.php).

    No need to remove the W3TC folder. Also, to recreate those files again I deactivate and activate W3TC from the plugins section.

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    I finally got around to updating one site (there was a W3cache plugin update)… I took that first and then the 4.7 upgrade and all worked fine. Then I moved on to another site and had the same problem as originally (described above). I took the W3cache plugin update and then the 4.7 upgrade and am locked out of the admin again (but front end is good). When I go to my wp-admin screen, it reverts to “upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F” and shows me a screen with “Database Update Required
    WordPress has been updated! Before we send you on your way, we have to update your database to the newest version. The database update process may take a little while, so please be patient.”

    I then went in via ftp and deleted he /plugins/w3-total-cache directory and the /includes/w3tc-config directory, and these files in the /wp-content/directory – db.php, advanced-cache.php, object-cache.php. I also, edited the .htaccess and wp-config.php files to remove any W3 cache details. I am still stuck – same result.

    Any other suggestions to get my admin back up. @kilgore will definitely delete the plugin first for my remaining sites… this is is a pain.

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