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    When trying to update a site to 5.4 from 5.3.2 (FR language) that was working fine, it downgrades instead to version 5.3-alpha-45292.

    As far as I can see in the installation log on screen, the correct 5.4 package is being downloaded but then I get “welcome to 5.3” and “congrats for updating to 5.2″…!

    Update WordPress
    Downloading update from…

    The authenticity of could not be verified as no signature was found.

    Unpacking the update…

    Verifying the unpacked files…

    Preparing to install the latest version…

    Enabling Maintenance mode…

    Copying the required files…

    Disabling Maintenance mode…

    Upgrading database…

    WordPress updated successfully

    Welcome to WordPress 5.3-alpha-45292. You will be redirected to the About WordPress screen. If not, click here.

    and then this welcome screen:

    Welcome to WordPress 5.3
    Congratulations on updating to WordPress 5.2! This update makes it easier than ever to fix your site if something goes wrong.

    The site is still working fine but Akismet and the Twenty series themes are also downgraded to previous versions. I tried updating them all again and the same cycle started over.

    Any clues?

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  • Moderator Yui



    are you using fr_FR version? They happen to have broken package build,
    they are working on it.
    Meanwhile you can install/upgrade en_US version, if you select any other language than en_US – language pack will be downloaded/updated automatically



    I have the same problem on 3 sites.
    But for me it gives me the message welcome to wordpress 5.3

    Edit : it’s fixed 🙂

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    Moderator Yui



    then try the same solution, if it will not work for you – open your own topic with issue.
    forum guidelines



    @fierevere thanks for this!

    Yes, it’s the FR version, that’s right.

    In the meanwhile, I updated my initial post with the messages on screen during the update.

    I think I’ll just wait for this to be fixed, no problem.

    Moderator Yui



    I’ll just wait for this to be fixed, no problem.

    FR team expects problem to be fixed in a hour, they are waiting for package rebuild.



    Thnak u Yui,
    For me the issue is solved

    Thank you team !



    Same here, many thanks.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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