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  • I own a directory website with several hundreds of listings (shops). This platform is free for the visitors and now I would like to monetise it by making a totally new space, made for my clients (the shop owners), where they could buy different solutions (like digital courses, advertisement etc.)

    1) I dont know if I should make this space on the same wordpress installation or if I should use a subdomain ( and create a brand new wordpress installation (I will use another theme, other plugins etc…)

    2) If I create a brand new wordpress, should I use the multisite option so that I can manage my two websites (1 B2C and 1 B2B) for the same dashboard ?

    3) What are the pros and the cons ?

    What is your point of view as experts of WordPress ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !

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  • It is difficult to convert an existing installation to a multisite because of the permalinks and the content folder.

    When you say “create a brand new WP using multisite to manage both from one dashboard”, that’s not how it would be. A new WP, even if multi, would not be managing the existing site, and each site in a multisite is still needing management independent of the other.

    Hello Joy, thank you for your quick reply!

    So I guess multisite is not for me.

    Now my question is more if I have very different needs (B2C and B2B) on my platform, should I redesign my existing website and try to have both features on it or create one new site for the B2B part ?

    Will it make the B2C part slower ?

    Generally, what is the best practice ? Make a new site (and use a subdomain like or improve the old one ?

    Thank you

    If you have actual users that login, I would keep them separate, because as you say, they are two different needs. But it could work if the users don’t login. You could have a separate section for the B2B part. If you want it to look different and have different menus etc., it would be easier to accomplish with a separate site.
    It’s best to design the site for the target market, and if that is a mixture, it dilutes the experience for all.

    If you make it separate, you can put it in a subfolder or a subdomain. The subfolder might have issues with security plugins and redirects and analytics, because it’s just a folder (not a domain), but I’ve had a site like that for years and it works okay. Obviously, the subdomain is easier since it doesn’t have any of those problems. I think they might be separate SSL certificates (if you are doing that), not sure.

    Thanks a lot for your answers!

    Now my users don’t login, but in the future I would like the visitors (shops clients) and my clients (the shop owners) to log and get very different functionalities so i will create a separate wp installation.

    Regarding the subdomain or subfolder, I am still thinking because of the SEO impact.

    Thanks again and have a good day,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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