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  1. goldfingyr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This is a feature request and I am guessing that I am not alone on this:

    I have a server that creates a multisite beneath a FQDN which is already in use by another webserver.
    Obviously this poses a number of interesting issues many of which are easily solved by DNS manipulation. Network administration being one issue which can be solved this way.

    But user registration is out of the question because inevitably you will be redirected to network_site_url which is not a WordPress site at all - its not even in the same physical location.

    Could we please have the user registration and logon not dependent on redirection to the main site?

    Karsten Jeppesen

  2. Unlikely to happen in core, though if someone crafts a plugin for it, you could use that.

    The reason? Well WP MUST know where home is. Home is where WP is installed. If you've lied to WP and said 'You're installed in domain.com/wp/ but you're running from domain.com' well, that we know how to handle. You're telling WP where home and real-home are. But then you add in 'You're installed in domain.com/wp/, but you're not running from anywhere! Muahhahhah!' it's making something over complicated.

    Solutions? Sure. Install in wp.domain.com and MAP wp.domain.com/site1 to site1.domain.com

    Try using a registration plugin to keep people on the site on which they register - http://wordpress.org/plugins/join-my-multisite/ is one example.

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