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  • I have WordPress 2.02 installed on a Godaddy Linux/php server. Recently when I post I hit submit and the data is written to the database but the post.php page just stays there and never refreshes to a new page. After about 5 minutes I get a download prompt to “open post.php or save to a file?”. Also, my attachment pages have not been getting written correctly. When I click thumbnails that are supposed to “open as new page” I get a error that says there is no data available that fits that criteria. These could be separate issues, but I wanted to see if anyone else having the same problem

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  • Oops, I just posted the exact same problem above. Sorry, I did not see your post. yes, I get this exact same problem…dialogue box appears asking me to “Save As…” – I am thinking it is a host performance issue, maybe, because I have had it happen on other php scripts when the server load has been > 2…but I might be wrong.

    What is your server load?

    With a spot of searching, you’ll find this a very common complaint for the last week or so. The typical response is to visit your Options -> Writing page and remove pingomatic from your Update Services section. It seems to be overwhelmed.

    Aha, so your advice would be to ping manually?

    My problem’s slightly different. I have four different blogs, and none of them are letting me publish posts.

    It takes 30 seconds of waiting before the post is published, then it tells me the post has been saved.

    But nothing shows up on the front page of the blog.

    Removing Pingomatic totally worked. THANKS!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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