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  • Hi everyone! Hopefully, I get useful information about my concern. I was wondering… To those who have blogs and share their article on Facebook. Let’s say my title is “How to Solve this Issue”. When I share the article on Facebook, the snippet preview shows the site address, title, and a few words/lines from the article. However in the title part the ‘Site Title’ always comes in. So instead of just the title, it goes like this “How to Solve this Issue – Site Title” every time I share an article. How do I remove the Site Title from that coz I’ve seen some bloggers and their links to their blog doesn’t look like that. I was thinking of removing the site title and just leaving it blank but it may affect the SEO or whatever. I don’t know. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • What appears on Facebook (or any other social media or messaging site) is up to your site’s OpenGraph meta tags. WordPress doesn’t add these tags by default, but all SEO plugins do this, and there are dedicated OpenGraph plugins that do this as well.

    So what plugin are you using to set your OpenGraph meta tags, if any? If you don’t know this just provide your site’s address… and I’ll figure that out and advise you accordingly.

    Standing by.

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