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  • Hi wordpress masters 🙂
    First I want to thank everyone in this community for supporting new wordpress bloggers like me, with the helpful guidelines, tips and directions. It’s really amazing that you can find solution to just about anything these days!!

    Ok back to my main question. I have a wordpress blog @ that I am currently actively building. I have two main questions:

    1. Basically as you can see, the theme has two columns, so when somebody clicks on one of my cloud tags (that have 2 or more topics), let’s say try to click on the tag “abscess”, and the results come in two columns, and they overlap with one another (one on top of another) – any suggestions how to solve that easy and fast? Same thing happen with the search field – if you search again “abscess”, again the results come one on top of the other…

    2. The second question is regarding the categories – luckily I figured out how to separate the different posts with the different categories using Otto’s PHP widget. Now since I will have a looooot of categories, I want to sort them in three or even four columns, not just one – any suggestions how to achieve that?

    THANK you upfront for reading my loong description of the problems I have, and I will be very appreciative if anyone can assist me in solving those minor, yet teasing issues in my blog

    Cheers from Vancouver, Canada

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