• Plugin no longer working as of this week. Importation results in error message:

    “No product count paramater available from Etsy response. Are there any products available?”

    The answer is Yes, there are. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t slam a product that’s been working so well and suddenly stops, BUT, there is absolutely NO SUPPORT for this plugin ANYWHERE. No one to email or message, no support site, nothing. That is an epic fail. Yeah, I know it’s free. So is Woocommerce and google.

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  • Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    Good day @crustycurmudgeon, would love to help take care of this issue and see what may be going on over at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/etsy-importer/ where we do our support at.

    If you could, please start a thread there, and also provide your Etsy store URL so I can start looking into things.

    Thread Starter crustycurmudgeon


    Thanks for your response and for pointing me to the support forum, Michael. I did not see a support link in the dashboard of the plugin. There is one there, right? With all due respect, I think your time would be best spent working on the code of your plugin. I see numerous posts in your support forum, regarding the very same problem. I do see that some users have made errors, as users are wont to do. In my case, my API and store numbers are right on. Your plugin simply isn’t working. I’m running a business, I don’t have time for spotty plugins nor do I wish to spend time deleting caches, refreshing, and saving, etc. I need it to work, now. Since your doesn’t, I’ve deleted it and moved on.

    Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    There isn’t one listed in the plugin’s output itself, as you note, and as I recall, but it’s good info to know that any plugin downloaded from WordPress.org has an associated support forum section for it, and we at WebDevStudios try to monitor those as closely as we can.

    With all due respect back, and regarding the error itself, it’s something that we can’t address via the code in our plugin itself. It’s all dictated by the response of the Etsy API. Would still be more than willing to spend a little bit of time checking on your specific case, even if you’ve already moved on. It may provide some insight on what we can do to provide better feedback to the users.

    Regarding the code, the biggest issue we haven’t managed to fix yet, is handling large imports and servers timing out. The rest of the code, at least in my opinion, is pretty solid already.

    Nonetheless, we respect and understand your position and where you’re coming from here. Just wanted to provide some feedback.

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