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    Hey there… I’m going crazy! My site is doing… something with images.

    There’s a 500px by 500px graphic on that post… That’s all. Firebug says it’s 500×500, WebDeveloper tells me it’s 500×500, MeasureIt tells me it’s 500×500. But it’s not. I swear it’s not. If you View Image, THEN it’s 500×500.

    I took screen captures of the before and after of the image, and the 500×250 black block at the top is actually 448 x 224 when you look at it in Fireworks.

    Might someone have a suggestion on where to look?

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  • That image, on the webpage, and on it’s own, is exactly 500 x 500px.
    The black portion is exactly: 500x250px
    The White portion including the red line is exactly: 500x250px.

    Checked twice, two different browsers.
    Used Photoshop CC 2014 to confirm.

    (PS> There’s fireworks metadata in that image, always save-for-web when saving from these programs)

    (are you at 100% zoom level in your browser?, chrome and others have very minor zoom increments that would explain for this discrepancy)


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    … thank you.

    bahahaha. that nasty zoom. when using CSS sprites that minor zoom often offsets the images+coordinates, same with JS if your doing minor pixel balancing (i.e: in a navigation, having equal padding for each menu item based on the width of the screen). it’s a nasty thing!

    please mark resolved

    Seriously! I was up at 2AM this morning with the Russian theme developer trying to figure out why it was saying the right size when it clearly wasn’t! He was saying it wasn’t his problem and I was agreeing with him but begging him to keep helping me because it still wasn’t right. I was bleary eyed staring at the screen defying it to make any sense at all!

    All because I nudged my mouse wheel with the shift key down at some point late last week before I did my site redesign.

    Resolved. Happily 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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