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  • Is there any word yet on when 1.3 will be coming out? I want make a WP site and I know i will need to use a few hacks and stuff so I don’t want to set it all up under 1.2 and have to rehack everything in 1.3. Any ideas on a timeline?

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  • Why not work on 1.3 right now? It’s pretty stable IMO, haven’t had but a few really small quirks.

    so far… all my plugins work for both 1.2 and 1.3
    those that i’m using anyway.
    Index.php differs slightly, in terms of functions called, just here and there.. However, i’m still using my 1.2 index.php on 1.3 And things seem to be working fine….
    So… things should work plain fine…

    I think that I will wait until the stable release as I currently have no problems with 1.2 so see no reason to upgrade and (possibly) mess things up.

    Are there any installation instructions, or at least suggestions, for moving from 1.2 to 1.3 alpha?

    back up everything….
    upload all files… except those u modified (index.php) and run upgrade.php

    There might be changes to the database in 1.3 that might create problems with doing what you want. If you post from the beta site, the post will show up in the 1.2 blog too. Why not just create a new set of tables for the beta, and to begin with, for dummy data, you can use a copy of the 1.2 tables, and take it from there on, keeping things safely seperate?

    I would hazzard to guess the changes in the database (and there are) will prevent such an endeavor.

    you don’t have to hazard guesses, fortunately. Check out the function upgrade_130(); in wp-admin/upgrade-functions.php to see what’s changed. There are no new columns/tables, it’s just that a few options are changed, and the slashes are fixed, in 1.3 .

    I too am interested in 1.3 – mainly for the %category% tag. Can someone “official” comment on exactly how stable the current version is and a rough release date?
    I’m launching a new site with WP but using category in the URL is a *must* for me, so that is why I kind of want to wait. So I’m in a quandry of how far to take my dev site in 1.2 or to build it in 1.3 and wait…not sure what to do.

    Yeah, the category tag is something I’m waiting for… I’m reluctant to launch my new site until its released.. but I don’t know when that will be.

    The category tag works perfectly under 1.3 Go ahead and install it and I doubt you’ll regret it.

    I do know the grin plugin made for 1.2 works good with 1.3. How you ask? Well because I have a test 1.3 blog and tried it out.

    I’ve been running 1.3 for a while now with hardly any problems. When there is a problem, I just upgrade to the latest nightly, download the latest version of the file that’s messed up from the cvs, or fix it myself if none of those work.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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