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  • since 0ne week or so, when I use 3 chars of visualizer on one page, the page goes blank. older posts are fine, only new artickes.

    I stopped all the plugins but same results.

    Is there a new rule like I cant use more than 3 chearts on one page?

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    Its ok.I stop using it.



    Hello @mistaaaaaaaake ,

    Thank you for using Visualizer!

    There is no restriction on the number of charts you are using on your website thus the fact that you inserted 3 on the same page shouldn’t have any negative effect on your website.

    The issue must come from a different reason! How are you inserting the charts (shortcode, block)?

    What has changed in your environment since last week? Have you changed the theme, installed a new plugin?

    Can you please share the website URL with us so we can further troubleshoot? Maybe you could also provide a screencast of how the error is happening?

    Thank you for your collaboration and undertanding!

    Thread Starter mistaaaaaaaake


    Thabk you for your reply.I started using HTML n CSS to make charts now, but Still I prefer to use yours.

    So the things changed since last week is that I updated some plugins. I tried to find out the problem so I stopped them all but nothing changed.

    I cant show you the problem because when I insert more than 4 charts, the page becomes blank.I cant see nothing on the page.Actually it happened this last year as well. It was because I used Japanese letters in the chart.

    Anyways, If you say you havent changed nothing, so its my website. I’ll try to find the problem then.

    Thank you for your time



    We have the same issue. More than 3 charts on the same page (via shortcodes) and the plugin just throws a blank page.

    We’ve turned on logging and there’s nothing in the wordpress log or the server log.

    We were even able to reproduce it by just having a simple page with 4 charts on it and then it will fail to load. Interestingly, it opens in “Preview page”, but it doesn’t open after saving (shows just blank page).

    This is 100% a recent, showstopper bug in the plugin.



    Hi Mat,

    Just adding this to echo @ivantrendafilov – we also had nothing show in WordPress or Server logs – and a completely white page when > 3 charts are used. Similarly, WordPress Preview shows all charts.



    Hello @meetingark @ivantrendafilov @mistaaaaaaaake ,

    I am sorry for the delayed reply!

    I have created a staging website where I added 4 charts via shortcode and everything works fine for me.

    You can check it out here
    Username: demo
    Password: LxlEyYfgnDVg

    You can take a look at it and see if I managed to recreate your situation!

    Another possibility for which the websites appear blank after inserting more charts might be due to the hosting environment. Are you all using the same host for your domains? Can you please get in contact with your hosting provider and ask if there are any errors shown on their side or if any limitations are imposed?

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Thank you all and have an amazing day!

    Same issue on WordPress.

    With more graph, sometimes very slow, other times totally blank. (slow) (blank).

    The only thing that changed, I suppose, is WordPress to 5.8.

    Before never a problem.

    And, i confirm, preview in WordPress works fine.



    Hi @mateithemeisle — if I spend the time to clone a production WP instance where this happens with real chart data, remove all the other plugins and provide you with root shell access, will you be able to check it out? If so, send me an email at my username @ with your SSH public key and I’ll get a demo setup.

    As others are echoing, there’s nothing that looks off in the server or WP logs.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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