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  • There are tons of problems in my WordPress site. When i do a post, it doesn’t publish immediately but goes to the schedule. I changed my local time zone but still it did not work. Similarly, i disabled all the plugin and enabled them again but it didn’t work as well.
    When i had set manual time, there was a difference of 5 hours. Why is this problem occurring? What is the solution for it?
    It was initially occurred in android app but i tried using desktop but it still was not solved.

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  • The local time zone comes from your host. You can’t change that because the server is from that time zone.

    I’m not a programmer but I feel this has nothing to do wordpress platform.

    The reason I know that because the tech support from the host my company used explain to me that they have a few host server across a few country. So the timezone is where the server host your website.

    I am not to sure how to explain it more clear because english is not my first language.

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