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    Dear Sir,
    I installed the plugin version 2.7 to WordPress 3.7.
    Everything was fine at first.It was doing all things smoothly.But suddenly this bug started.Everytime when I translate my page back to its own language (English) text gets messed up.(The page just shows the first letters of the sentences.)I tried uninstalling and re-installing the plugin but results are same.(Plugin still remembers even its own settings.I cant start from scratch.)
    Should I manually delete some files or tables to reset this?Or is there another solution?
    P.S. You can check the incident from our website.

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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    No problems, mygameindexdotcom…..I appreciate the comments. I’m just glad we know now the problem! It’s very frustrating not knowing the issue for the past few days!


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    Off topic:

    Rob Myrick? Your how-it-works domain name goes against the WordPress trademark and needs to be changed or swapped with another domain name.

    Trademark Policy

    Please resolve this an don’t post that domain here anymore.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Thanks, Jan. Got the message loud and clear. I will simply move this site over to, and thanks for the info.

    i chnage the your plugin version 2.7 to 2.6 but facing still same problem. you can check by visiting
    please guide me how to resolve this issue.

    muhammad kamran


    We’d need Rob to be certain of this, but. In your page’s source code I see a reference to “multilanguage” which I believe is exclusive to version 2.7 of the plugin. In other words, version 2.7 may still be present in your installation.

    Try checking your WP>Administrator>Dashboard>Installed Plugins settings to make sure that version 2.7 has been Deactivated -and- Deleted.

    You may also wish to Deactivate -and- Delete version 2.6. Just to start fresh.

    You can then download a new copy of version 2.6 at this address,

    Hope this helps!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Yes, it appears that version 2.7 might still be installed on your site. I double-checked source code for version 2.6 and “multilanguagePage:true” is not present there.

    Here is exact link for that download.

    Thanks you as well, apostlepoe 🙂


    This may help someone:

    I am currently running 2.6 and was experiencing the same issue; however, I found that if you set the default language to anything but English it not longer breaks the site when you switch back from another language. And the translator does not translate the site to the selected “default” language on load so it’s a win-win.


    That’s very interesting…

    For what it’s worth, I am running WordPress 3.6.1, GT 2.6 and the theme Atahualpa version 3.7.12. My site is in English with the default language also set to English.I can translate back and forth without any problems whatsoever. I’m curious.

    If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe you can post a link to your site?

    Thank you for the tip!


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi J Ivy, yes I have noticed this too when testing, that you can actually switch to a non-default language and it will sometimes fix the glitch that comes up with some websites.

    But it normally will work correctly when the conditions are correct. I’ve noticed that sometimes if there is heavy jQuery, Flash, or javascript on the website, the translator will act up and product minor errors. But in most cases, I can eliminate these problems.

    Would you mind posting a link to your website, so we can take a peek?

    Thanks! Rob

    Hi Rob Myrick Member

    i resolved issue(text gets messed up). This was due to some malicous html e.g

          <a>/" title="Go back to homepage">
          <?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a>

    when i remove those line from my theme. your plugin start working..with no errors.


    I had same issues, reverted back to 2.6 and worked great. Any update when 2.8 will be out?

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi guys, I’m glad to hear things are working.

    2.8 will be out within two weeks, and now I am armed with much more knowledge about translation errors. Most of them are due to Google seeing text that it assumes is in a different language than the default language, which causes weird issues.

    Stay tuned…..also the premium version is almost finished. And I will announce that soon too, once I feel confident that things work consistently in testing. Almost there!


    Great news Rob. Thanks. Goodluck.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    I’m going to mark this as resolved, as I believe everyone here has their issues solved. You can always post here in the future if I missed anyone. Please let me know if you have issues.


    Good afternoon, I also I have problem in my case the original Web was Spanish and the English translation does not have problems when I go back to the original language adds. Texts on all products, byproducts and others.

    can check in

    Thanks for your help

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