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    I use this plugin for very large websites (about 20,000 visitors daily).

    Unfortunately, the last updates have shown that ACF Frontend is a risk for a stable WordPress site. Each update brings new risks, for example, the “Delete Post” button deletes the entire page.

    With every new update the fear increases that once again something does not work. Sorry Shabti, but how should I work with it if the plugin is obviously badly coded?

    Another example: The whole jQuery UI loads on EVERY page! Do you know what this means for the loading time of the website? There are several more Bugs…

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  • Plugin Author Shabti Kaplan


    Ouch. I have to say this hurt a lot. My team and put our whole heart into this plugin, but we know that we are never exempt from criticism.

    I see this two-star review as an opportunity to grow and make our plugin even better.

    So regarding your issues, have you opened a ticket for them?

    I will address the two you mentioned here:

    • I know that the delete button can be tricky as you are giving the user the ability to delete data so it must be configured to delete the correct data. Please share your experience so that we can make this easier to set up for future users
    • The Jquery UI library is not loaded on every page of the site, only on pages that have ACF Frontend forms on them. We are constantly working on making the plugin faster and more effecient.
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    Hey Shabti,

    I am not someone who criticizes something for no reason. I prefer to email the developer with errors and bugs I have found, just like I did when I found out about the jQuery UI Bug. Maybe you remember that. However, the current situation is that with every update you have to be afraid that something won’t work again.

    I love the functionality of your plugin and would give you 5 stars.
    But you have to clearly declare or document important updates.

    Another example: You have changed the structure after version 2.11.X without really addressing it or documenting it properly somewhere, except the changelog. Terms, Post Actions and many other things were moved somewhere else, partly with different names. All forms did not work after that.

    There are several little issues (mostly UX/UI), which I can share with you if you like.

    I run sites with more than 10k to 20k visitors daily and its pain to check the functionality of every Form after every Update.

    Again, I like your Plugin, its allowing me to build awesome Dashboards and intuitive forms for my clients! But the documentation of important changes is not well documented.

    Kind regards,

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