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  • I have upgraded to 2.2.0 and whenever I try and publish a page with a tag, or any other tag it just dumps the page and then it takes me to my website homepage.

    Has anyone else seen this or fixed it?

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  • Odd, is it like with the center, il, or whatever sort of tags like that? Works fine on mine.

    Any old tag. It’s like WordPress does not know what to do with them and resorts to firing a backup URL into the browser instead of going back to the Dashboard.

    Very weird.

    Does anyone understand the mechanics of what the “PUBLISH” button does?

    I’m suddenly having exactly the same problem on a site of my own, running on v2.3.1. As soon as I try to add any kind of additional HTML to a post – a link, or even something as simple as bold formatting – I lose the ability to publish.

    The formatting seems to go into the editor OK: for example, if I add a link, it shows up as underlined in the WYSIWYG editor, and I can see the appropriate a href code in Code view. I’m able to save as a draft. But when I hit Publish (or even ‘Save and continue editing’), it throws me out to the site homepage, and the changes are lost.

    *Desperate* for some help on this one; this is a serious glitch. A site with no formatting possible in posts, isn’t much of a site at all.

    A couple of additional clues which might help:

    If I go to an existing post which has formatting (including links) in it, and try to add new formatting, the new formatting is lost when I get thrown out to the homepage… but the prior formatting remains.

    I’ve been able to add new tags manually, by going directly into the database via phpmyadmin (although that’s obviously not a sustainable way to work). If I then try to view or edit the posts I just edited manually, the formatting is present.

    OK, found a solution for my own problem. Looks my hosting company had activated a ‘mod_security restriction’, so it wasn’t ever a WordPress thing. I’m not sure why the particular site in question was picked out, as other hosting accounts on the same provider weren’t affected. Still, the restriction has now been removed, and I’m able to add tags like there’s no tomorrow. And so begins a happy new 2008. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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