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  • Plugin Author finnj


    No idea,

    Will try snd look into it late (just returned from vacation)


    Plugin Author finnj


    Managed to register on your site, but unable to login – no link …

    I am using ipad

    Can you be more specific on how it breaks images ?

    Can you also supply a list of plugins you have activated and the theme you are using

    At top right you’ll see “my page” and that has links to the profile, and “my posts” where you can create posts. That goes fine… but if you edit a post, the images all come up as missing and have to be replaced. Otherwise it seems to be working well.

    Plugin Author finnj


    Hi Lisa,

    Did some testing

    This is not related to frontier post – It seems like you have a plugin that is inteferring with the standard way that wp handles images.

    There are multible things going wrong.

    There is something called Zemanta – Try and disable that plugin, then I am pretty sure it will work.

    Hey, I’m one of the Zemanta plugin authors. I don’t know how our plugin could break images when editing a post. I’ve checked the site and as far as I can see, Lisa uses WordPress Related Posts plugin that has nothing to do with images. Could be some other plugin?


    Plugin Author finnj


    A plugin is manipulating the html code for images in the post, and my best guess is Zemanta – but I cant be sure.

    It will most likely work fine from the back-end (within the admin area), but doesnt work in front end. Maybe this is due to clientside java script or jQuery that expect the interface works as in the backend.

    My suggestion would be to disable the plugin to see if is causing the issues.

    I agree about trying to disable it. If our plugin is a problem, then we’ll do our best to solve the issue.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Plugin Author finnj


    Hi Mateja,

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with your plugin – It is most likely only designed to work from the admin area.

    I like your positive attitude 🙂

    That didn’t do it – now the images actually disappear altogether on editing. Will get more time later this week to disable and test the rest…

    @finnj, I know 🙂

    @lisa, I just registered at your site, created a test post, then edited it. I can replicate the issue you’re experiencing.

    My guess is that TinyMCE or some plugin for it (e.g. wpEditImage, wp_gallery) breaks the HTML for image.
    I suggest you check TinyMCE configuration and/or PHP settings (magic quotes, stripping slashes). This StackOverflow thread might be useful.

    Below is an example of what happens to HTML for inserted image – notice that http is stripped from image src attribute and there are duplicated double quotes used for image attributes (class, width and height).

    Current code (breaking images):

    <img class="”size-medium" alt="”Food" src="//×225.jpeg”" width="”300″" height="”225″">

    HTML code should look like this:

    <img class="size-medium" alt="Food" src="×225.jpeg" width="300" height="225">

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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