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    Small issue using this plugin. When authoring a new post within this CPT, the field for the associated custom taxonomy does not allow the admin to pick from “choose from the most used categories”.

    It displays a null in that field – per this screenshot

    (you can see the existing post categories in the window behind, but they cannot be accessed from making a new post)

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  • ldeejay


    I have exactly the same problem. I only see a ‘0’ and cannot select anything. That’s an issue because my categories contain commas and as soon as I edit a post, the categories get split. This would be preventable if I could select from the list of existing categories. Unless someone knows a hack to not split categories that contain commas.

    Plugin Contributor Zeno Popovici



    Apparently it has shown up before. If you want me to test anything or more info about the setup, let me know.

    Ok, got it!

    At first it looked like it was a JQuery issue but it appears to be a combination of JQuery and WordPress. The solution is quite simple: don’t use any capitals in your “Custom Taxonomy Name”.

    I found the solution on this page.

    @zenopopovici: It might be an idea to a: put a note next to the field stating not to use uppercase or, even better, b: convert the input to lowercase upon submission at the same time you remove the spaces.

    Note: updating the Custom Taxonomy Name will remove the category from the post but it’s still linked (it just can’t find it).
    In the database, I updated the wp_term_taxonomy table (it still had all the ‘old’ names: UPDATE 'wp_term_taxonomy' SET 'taxonomy'='newtaxonomyname' WHERE 'taxonomy' ='OldTaxonomyName'. Then I regenerated the permalinks and had to rename the filenames in my child theme to match the new taxonomy name. This brought everything back to the way it was, and now I can select the categories from the list.

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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by ldeejay.
    Plugin Contributor Zeno Popovici


    Thanks for investigating @ldeejay, v1.1.15 released with suggested fixed (lowercase conversion & warning messages).

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