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  • Hi

    I have been using another filter plugin, but have now just installed your plugin to see how it works. Other plugin worked mostly, but slow in showing the products that were chosen in the filter.

    That is WHY I am testing your plugin.

    Client is selling T-Shirts & Hoodies for MEN & WOMEN

    Current breakdown in Categories are:
    MEN – T-Shirts / Pants
    HOODIES – Crop Top Hoodies & Unisex Hoodies
    WOMEN – Casual Wear / T-Shirts, Crop Top Hoodies

    Also in the Product Categories area when I choose from the Sidebar filter “HOODIES” , I have 1 product that appears that is 100% NOT a Hoodie (when I choose HOODIES in the Filter), definately ONLY ticked as WOMEN & Casual Wear in the actual Product Categories (not filter), so therefore I cannot understand WHY it is showing. I checked whether a sizing was displaying in the Filter underneath which could have been causing an issue, but nothing.

    So NOT sure why that is happening.

    I have only tested the Product Category & Colours for now.

    I notice if I choose a Colour (using a sidebar), it is hard to tell which colour has been selected in the sidebar. It doesn’t have a cross (x) next to it, or other way to tell that is the colour that was chosen in the filter . I’m sure there is supposed to be a way to tell.

    I can see the Clear button, but we really need to know what Colour was chosen in the first place easily seen on the left side.

    I have Colours in the ATTRIBUTES and then the colours are setup in each Product as a Variation (every product has a variation) .

    As I can’t see clearly which colour has been chosen on the Filter area on sidebar (as there not a cross (x) or something to see what has been chosen clearly, it is confusing.

    ALSO HOW can I achieve when customer clicks on “PRODUCT CATEGORY” – MEN, that then when they choose a Colour “GREEN” but it shows the products under MEN AND Colour Green

    Currently when I choose WOMEN and then when I choose Colour Green, it shows ALL Green clothes for MEN & WOMEN.

    How can I have it show WOMEN AND Colour Green ? and not show all Green for every other Category ?

    I have tried AND and OR

    So therefore I want to be able to FILTER:

    WOMEN AND Colour GREEN AND Sizing S (so it narrows down my search)

    It seems to be showing “WOMEN” and ALL Green every Category (inc Men) and then Sizing (s) every category rather than filtering down …

    Maybe I have a setting incorrect ?

    Please advise.

    Is there a paid version of this plugin and what is the benefit of features for this please ?

    How quick is turnaround support for the paid plugin ?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Plugin Author themifyme


    Hi Kristin,

    Please send us a link to your website, to a page where we can see the above-mentioned issues.

    Thread Starter kristinubute


    The website if NOT yet live. Do you have a paid plugin that I can pay for and get support directly that way ?


    Plugin Author themifyme


    If your website is private, then you can send us a link via email to

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