Support » Plugin: WHA Puzzle » When bugs worked out this will be a great plugin

  • There is a bug in the program when using the “Full Screen” mode in that the header from WordPress site covers much of the puzzle area. This only occurs when clicking on the X icon to expand to full size. I use Firefox.

    Had some friends using Firefox try my jigsaw puzzles with the puzzle in full size mode and they too got the site Header overflowing the jigsaw puzzle.

    As long as nobody clicks on the X to expand to full size the game works fine, especially if you keep your puzzle dimensions 4×4 or 3×3.

    I suggest you download program and use it with 4×4 or 3×3 sizes and see if the clicking on X for full screen does the same thing in your browser. It’s a cute little program with a few quirks the developers have to fix. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing/creating these jigsw puzzles.

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