• When I first installed ProfilePress, it was daunting. Lots of screens and settings—a pile of features and customizable content. I had to block dedicated time to make my way through each screen and all those settings, but once I did, everything worked as promised.

    Though, as most developers know, rarely do we need something just as promised—we always want more.

    I want conditional fields but don’t know enough js, so I created multiple versions of the registration form and put them on separate pages. [Wistfully] It sure would be nice if I could have one form that showed only the fields I need depending upon answers to questions…

    I pinged support without real hope of being able to do this, and knowing full well it was well beyond the bounds of simple support, but I was pleasantly surprised to get exactly the right help.

    This product gets five stars because it does great things and support gets five stars because they do great things.

    I recommend this product without reservation. Worth every penny.

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