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When a bbPress forum ???

  • Jean-Pierre Michaud


    i’ve read a lot of debugs and bug reports and support and… ya know, a lot of things regarding bbPress and its integration to WP, but there is no forum anywhere…

    this is strange why, as it is a product related to wordpress and you have a development path for it… and even have some new updates this week about integration between bbPress and WP…

    actually there is a lot of missing compatibility between the two softwares, like the install that does not detect any of the two, the incompatibilities between bbPress tags and the one in UTW or other tag addons for WP… maybe just a change in the tables names would be good… but we have no place to discuss the subject…

    and as there is no forum, we, as coders, can’t really help… and clients are not able to get proper support… even if the software is not made to be “that much” public…

    can someone fix this and bring a real place for bbPress soon ???

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  • Chris_K



    There are a few threads here in the forums about integrating so feel free to share!

    Only way I know to find a bbpress dev would be http://lists.bbpress.org/mailman/listinfo/bbdev

    Jean-Pierre Michaud


    on bbpress.org, there is no forum.

    on the bbdev, there is no discussion.

    and here, we have random answers to question… none is really efficient… like the way to integrate both softwares… you have to know how to handle the db to do it right, and there is no alternative install script to make it efficient… some coder can do it, but as there is no place to discuss it, nobody have done it.

    and an additional forum here would take like 1.2 minute to make, so why redirect everybody where there is no answer…



    Might get more empathy here if it was a WordPress issue…

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