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  • there are two admins on my blog. Myself, who’s using the default admin account, and a 2nd one I created.

    When the 2nd one authors a post and schedules it to come out in the future, she sometimes sends me the preview link via instant messenger.

    When I check it (i am not logged in), it suddenly goes live.

    It happened today, and we realized what happened only when I got the RSS feed of said scheduled post. It was dated 11/30/1999.

    It also happened before but it came out dated 5 days into the future.

    I thought the previous WordPress update addressed this, but it still happens.

    I logged in, and saw that it was supposed to come out on Jan 17 (today is the 16th). I changed it to the 18th (just to test), saved it and it still said Jan 17!

    I had to do it over again, and this time saved date and time to Jan 17, 00:10. This time it went through.

    I didn’t change the author name (in case this info is relevant).

    Any insight? TIA

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