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[Resolved] whats wrong with this html code?

  • The adress that I am putting into the code works but when I put it into the code it doesnt work. The adress is in the 3rd line. Can someone tell me what I missed?

    <p align="right"><font face="MS Sans Serif">
          <a href="../Black/terms">Terms</a> | <a href="http://www.ezautomaticmoneybusinesses.com/10000membsite/policies/privacy.html/"target="_blank">Privacy</a>
    | <a href="../Black/disclaimer">Disclaimer</a> | <a
          <font size="2">Copyright© 2007
    YourNameHere.&nbsp; All Rights Reserved</font></font>
          <td background="images/template-blue_04.jpg"
     height="358" width="53"> &nbsp;</td>
          <td colspan="3"> <img
     src="images/template-blue_05.jpg" alt="" height="56"
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