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  • its due to some plugin.. try deactivating all plugins one by one..

    i tried deactivating the plugins already, but nothing changes.

    I have exactly the same problem and I have not done any changes to plugins latelly. Suddenly the CP started to look like the above photo…

    and I also tried reuploading all the admin files and nothing changed

    I have the same problem. It’s a brand new installation, so no plugins installed.

    I was told before to reupload the css files, I have done this a couple of times but nothing changed.

    yeah ive tried all kinds of things, re-uploading, re-installing, deactivating plugins, etc..

    surely someone must know the problem?

    still no luck

    I also can not get it back to normal… And it is certainly not related to plugins as it stay the same also when none is active…




    Ojster, whats the url to the blog youre having trouble with?

    this one?

    the old hackable one?

    the one I assumed was hacked before in your other post?

    the cause of whats in the top image is *usually* not having all the files uploaded — specifically inside /wp-includes/js and wp-admin/

    or issues with the files causing them to be corrupt.

    No, it is the:
    But on the outside you do not see any problems. It is only in admin area.

    I have all the files as I also redownloaded the complete zip file and nothing changed…

    And yes, that one was hacked, but at that time the control panel still worked and this happened more than a month later…

    same here, the blog looks OK from the outside, but the dashboard is screwed up.

    had that happen to mine randomly this week. Here’s what I did, not sure if it’ll work for you, or if everything I did was related to the particular problem…..

    1. Renamed my plugin directory to get rid of all plugins
    2. Fresh manual install of wordpress (Auto install wouldn’t work)

    after I did all that, my admin area looked better, but it kept throwing me data errors. To get rid of that, I searched for data errors on here and found this:

    3. I followed the directions on replacing my http.php file
    4. Using the old plugin folder as reference I reinstalled fresh copies of all plugins

    Good luck!

    Well, as it turned out my site was hacked again… Have no idea how, but after cleaning it all up, also now the CP is working.

    I started experiencing this exact problem on three separate blogs a couple days ago. All three were started at the same time, and working fine until then.

    I went ahead and upgraded to 2.8.4 using the automatic prompt at the bottom of the page, and the problem went away on two of three blogs. On the third, it only went away partially. The screen for new posts now looks mostly correct, but it isn’t fully functional. I can’t get a cursor in the field for the body of the post, and the tools aren’t showing up at all.

    How could the same procedure fix two blogs, but not the 3rd?

    I have no active plugins. I copied the wp-admin files and the wp-includes files from a blog that was working into the one that wasn’t, but got no change.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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