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  • i tried to upload or choose an avatar for my profile here, and i get this ridiculous hype for “gravatar dot com” … so, now I have to join another stupid “club” with another stupid user-name, stupid password, and more stupid, unnecessary crap to remember, just to choose a stupid avatar?

    what ever happened to “upload your own” or choose from our bland, creepy little, personality-free “mickey mouse” icons, so you hide even more who you really are, and join our club of anonymous “talking heads”.

    whew. that was a grueling mouthful.

    don’t you geeks get it? how much more complexity and arcane tortured paths do we need to walk on, when life itself is calling for simplicity and straightforward-ness?



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    Think of it this way: Instead of having to upload your avatar icon on every site you join, what if you only had to load it up once and then every site would pull it in automatically?

    Yeah, some people hate it, but some people hated the other way where people would upload mondo files to your server.



    Hmm, has being rude actually ever helped you accomplish anything, tbulb?

    Anyways, Ipstenu is right.

    Gravatars are actually less complex. Do it once and then forget about it. If you don’t want to you’ll never have to access your account there again and at the same time you don’t have to upload any more regular avatars (well, mostly…).

    yeah, well thanks for the comments to Ipstenu & Travel-Junkie. and apologies for the off-tone tone.

    the computer-world has always promised to be a time-saving and energy-optimizing thing, but has always led to more complexity, frustration and hours spent in “trouble-shooting”. What originally was a simple “point A to point B” excursion gets side-tracked in a labyrinth of mentally-justified options and distractions, which simply wastes peoples’ life-energy in “fixing” things that should have never been invented, set aside broken.

    upgrade to this, upgrade to that. “newer, faster, bigger, better, more pixel resolution…” Have you ever had an inflatable plastic girlfriend? No matter how much “upgrading” we are constantly hounded to to, and all the promises that technology yields, it is no more than that – a plastic girlfriend. with endless justifications.

    It’s….just an avatar, ya’ know.

    Maybe reverting back to pencil+paper+abacus is right up your alley. 😉

    the computer-world has always promised to be a time-saving and energy-optimizing thing,

    I never realized that was a computer-world promise…computers seem to take-up most of my time and energy these days…of course, they allow me to make a living as well 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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