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  1. Mike
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is something I've been wondering for awhile: what's up with plugin search on wordpress.org? If I search for "smilies themer", for example, the actual Smilies Themer plugin is buried in the middle of the results, and not one of the plugins prior to it seem to have anything to do with smilies or theming them.

    In the past I've just used Google for finding the plugins I need, but now that 2.7 has the very awesome feature of searching for and installing plugins directly from the administrative interface it's become much more painful. Doing the same search in 2.7 returns the Smilies Themer plugin on page 2, while searching for the companion Smilies Themer Toolbar plugin (with "smilies themer toolbar") gives me the plugin I'm looking for on page 6.

    Changing the search type from Term to Tag and searching for "smilies" or "toolbar" produces much better results, but what's up with regular Term search?

  2. The search here on WordPress.org sucks. We know.

    There are plans, I think. No idea, the WP core crew doesn't talk about internal stuff like this much. :)

    Regardless, with the plugin search functionality now becoming somewhat critical in Wp 2.7 (you can search and install from wp.org right from your own blog!), I assume that it will get looked at.

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