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  • Hi, I’ve just installed Varnish which seems to be running fine.

    Could someone please tell me the server instance syntax that I need to enter into the Varnish area for W3?

    Is it localhost:6082 or or something different?
    I tried localhost:6082 which produced Varnish timing out so something is a little screwy.

    Any help much appreciated

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  • Anyone running Varnish that can help me out here?

    It will be different depending on your server setup. For the most part follow the basics here:

    You will definitely need to change things if you are running multiple servers where one or specific ones are designated for the admin but the Varnish docs will get you a basic setup on a single server.

    Ah, just noticed there is a sample Varnish config file within W3TC’s files:

    Hello Jim,

    What Martin asked is the syntax for Varnish servers to enter into W3 Total Cache plugin. I’ve tried multiple syntax as well in the past and have never succeeded. So, I am still wondering what the correct syntax is.

    There are multiple people who have successfully done it, but never shared publicly (from what I know of).

    Even though, none of my clients insist on W3TC, I’m still curious about this question.

    Thanks for trying to help, though.


    Pothi, I thought he was asking for config examples. My mistake.

    Unfortunately I have never used Varnish within W3TC, just as a proxy in front of Apache so I am afraid I can’t help there.

    No prob. There were multiple occasions where I entered the answer in the wrong threads / topics here in WPorg forums. 🙂

    Hey guys, yeah, I was particularly after the purging setup and what needs to go into the W3TC settings.
    I’m getting there on the Varnish vcl with currently running at around 30% cache hits though I’m sure I’m missing out on more. One of those trial and error things I suppose.

    Thanks for adding to the conversation though. Appreciate your efforts and hopefully someone will spring with an answer 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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